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Create a Substitute W9 Form

A lot of companies created their own W9 form as it is not a government requirement to use an IRS W9 form.

The purpose is to get the proper name and address and in a lot of cases only a legal name, tax address, and social security number, ITIN or Federal ID number, date and signature.

They re going to want to send you a 1099 form at the beginning of the following year stating the amount of money that they have paid out to you.

An Example

The person who is doing your yardwork might get paid $1,100 for the year.
You will want to send them a 1099 to get a tax deduction for their labor cost.

What you need from him/her is their

  1. Legal name as it is on their tax filing,

  2. Their tax address so that you can send them a 1099 after the end of the year

  3. Whether they are a sole proprietor - etc.

  4. Their TIN which most often is their social-security number.
    (in most cases this is enough)

  5. The date that they are signing the form.

  6. Their printed name and their signature.

Make a form on the computer and print it out.

Check to see if you have all that is required and then you will be OK.

In some cases such as when you are doing business with some company that is say an LLC or if you are dealing with interest etc.

It is more complicated but you can look at an IRS form and see what information you will require and create a form that covers just that.


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