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Use A Mileage Log

We like to give you information about this mileage log as it is a very good piece of useful paper to keep you out of trouble with the IRS.

The mileage log is, as you might already know, a great way to keep track of the miles that you are driving for business, medical, moving or charity.

See the website for more information about this great tax saving method.

Each of the categories has specific details about how they can be used and how much money per mile is the IRS allowance for taxes.

The IRS requires a log of the miles that you are going to use for your tax allowance so keep a good record of the dates, miles driven and the other details on the form.

If you download the form you will see the information that it asks for.

There are some additional allowances that can be used as a tax deduction such as the parking charge, etc.

The image below is a link to the very nice and crisply detailed Mileage LogMileage Log image

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