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Fill Out A W9 On Computer

  • Open this link for the W-9 form
  • Save the form in a folder in your computer

  • Open the form from that folder in your computer with Adobe Acrobat

  • This should allow the form to have the gray areas where you would normally write in your information

  • Slide your curser over the grayed out area and type. It should fill in the area that you are typing in.

Good job!

Most likely it has worked for you as it usually does.
It usually can't be done online from the original online source as easily as when it is saved in your computer first.
Now you have a nice form to present without poor writing or hand printing and no confusion about what is actually typed in.

Your time to try!

Here is a W-9 form to click on the blue link - open it up - save it into a folder in your computer and then re-open the file from your folder and start typing.

These folks would fill out a W9 Form

  • Individual or a sole proprietor or

  • C Corporation

  • S Corporation

  • Partnership

  • Trust Estate

  • Limited Liability Company

After you finish filling out the simple W-9 file DO NOT SEND IT TO THE IRS!

No, you should give it to the payer.

That is the person who asked for it and is paying you for your services etc as you are a sole-proprietor etc.

Here are the instructions for the requester of the W9.

You will get a 1099 at the beginning of the next year for filing your taxes if you have gotten more than $600.00 from the company.

I have gotten one for $180.00 so one never knows for sure.w-9 image Small -


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